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November 2007



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Nov. 17th, 2007


Well I never!

That strikes it, Ms. Alice!

I shall be visiting you as soon as I can. Some rude, uncouth person has just got my front all splotched with mud and all manners of filth! How DARE they do this to me? A sweet, innocent, precocious little girl like me!

...I'm so angry, it's unsightly!

I am making my way right now, or at least as well as I can in my fragile condition...

[OOC:Alice-mun, I'll be posting the log up ASAP when I return from work...^^;;]
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Oct. 29th, 2007


Well, well...

People here...aren't as bad as I thought. I may not have my scissors anymore, nor my crayon--but I do have something else. Something that make up more for it. A friend. A very dear friend that likes to play games.

Just. Like. Me.

Ohh, whatever shall we start playing first?

But first, a fresh frock from Ms.Alice...I must look my best after all. I have someone to impress now.
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Sep. 29th, 2007


I've got the most wonderous toy...

I found a red crayon, it's rich and wonderfully thick--it's easy to write on walls and clothes...

...and people.

I found a giant pair of scissors--they're rather nifty and fun to spin.

[OOC:She's got the weapon from the boss battle based on her...^^;;]
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Sep. 10th, 2007

Do not want!


I had a most horrid dream last night!

It was of that awful orphanage, and Mr.Hoffman...ugh, just thinking about it is making me sick to my fragile stomach again!

I still haven't found a new toy playmate, and I'm ever so bored. These days are becoming worse and worse with each passing minute, there's not much to do but run from monsters and scrounge things to eat--awfully uncivilized if you ask me--and I haven't found any other children besides Ms.Alice, Me, and...her Jennifah, speaking of...

...Oh Jennifah, I have the most wonderous idea for a game, do you want to play?
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Aug. 2nd, 2007


Wretched Times be ahead...

I am so BORED! I desire a plaything mate...a toy for me nice person to have conversations with and play Princess...

And I'm rather vexed at the fact I cannot find a merchant for miles! I'm only just a girl, and already my shoes are worn and my dress front is muddy! How is a poor orphan like me supposed to survive?

Haven't I gone through enough torture already?

On the bright side, I've met some rather gullible nice people...and at least I found another Englishman--a girl, I think she's quite some older than me...she seems rather intresting enough...

I actually almost miss Meg...At least then I'd have someone to order around and gather food and hit instead of these stupid brick walls! My dainty knuckles are all scarred!

[OOC:Slashes are all unhackable, because Diana is a sociopath...seriously.]
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Jul. 28th, 2007


Where am I?!

Hell is for bad girls.

Hell is for heatens.

Hell is for wretches...

Hell isn't for me...Hell should be for HER--it was HER idea for that stupid game--it was HER idea that got us all bloody well killed!

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